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Navigating Hair Loss and Other Body Image Changes During Cancer Care: Essential Tips for Cancer Survivors


Body image and appearance-related concerns are highly prevalent among cancer survivors. This webinar is designed to increase your skills and confidence in navigating body image changes during cancer care. We will discuss practical tips to help you cope with upcoming and recent body changes, as well as strategies for promoting greater long-term body image acceptance.…

Surviving with Scars: Body Image Interventions for Individuals Affected by Illness and Trauma


Body image concerns involving scarring and disfigurement are prevalent for individuals with a variety of medical conditions, and are important to address as part of comprehensive care. Professionals working with medical populations play an important role in the delivery of psychosocial support to address body image issues such as distress associated with appearance, difficulties with…

Breast Cancer Resource Center: Ask the Experts! Let’s Talk About Breast Cancer!


Body Image Concerns: A Normal Part of the Cancer Experience This presentation is designed to provide practical tips to help women with breast cancer cope with body image concerns that are likely to be part of the cancer experience. In this webinar Michelle Fingeret, Licensed Psychologist, will discuss ways to talk to your healthcare team…